Chaand Nazar Aaya

Timeframe: Written November 2012; I admit I didn’t have very high expectations for KC on the actual show based on what was happening, which was why I wrote this – just a bit of light fun.. I was however, very pleasantly surprised by what we did get to see in the end! Not sure how this compares but enjoy x 





Khushi was so hungry she was beginning to think she wouldn’t survive till the moon came out! What if it didn’t come out tonight, she wondered… would she have to starve till the next evening?! Khushi shook her head to clear it of the ridiculous thoughts running through her mind. She was being silly; there wasn’t long left, she had plenty to keep her occupied and she resolutely reminded herself that she was keeping this fast for her husband, whom she loved more than anything.

A husband who had left for work, leaving her starving she thought gloomily, as her tummy gave another mournful growl. No, he hadn’t left her she reminded herself; he had in actual fact escaped after she’d snapped at him a few times over nothing. But she couldn’t help it if hunger made her irritable…

She sighed, looking at the door but there was no sign of him yet either so she finished fixing up the pooja tray in her hand and handed it to HP before checking again for the moon. 

She frowned when it didn’t pop out miraculously from behind a cloud and ignored her stomach as she looked for something to take her mind off it. She spotted the girl who’d been applying mehndi to everyone throughout the day and smiled to herself as she walked over, thinking she might as well since all there was left to do was wait. After choosing a pattern she twisted around to look at the door again, feeling a little disappointed even though she knew he wouldn’t be home for a while yet. 


Arnav hurried through the front doors, glad to be home and his eyes almost immediately fell on his wife who was sitting in one corner with a girl. Her expression was oddly glum for her and she seemed unaware of the hustle around her. He walked over and stood to one side as he watched her and felt a smile dance around his lips when he saw how her eyes kept alternating between the front door and the open bay windows to her right.

He didn’t know why she’d bothered keeping the fast; he’d tried to get her to eat more than once but in the end he had to admire the fact that apart from a couple of glares and a few longing glances at the food, she hadn’t budged. 

She looked stunning in a shimmering dusky pink saree with her hair falling over one shoulder but she seemed lost as she looked around so Arnav decided to take the opportunity to cause some mischief… and in the process maybe bring her smile back.

As he took a couple of steps towards her though, she suddenly let out a shriek, ‘Yeh aap ne kya kiya?!’ He paused for a second and looked around guiltily, wondering if she’d read his mind since he hadn’t actually done anything yet but then saw she was talking to the girl sitting in front of her.

‘Humne kaha tha na, humare pati ka naam likana tha humme… par ab?! Yahaan toh jaga hi nahi hai!’ As he watched, Arnav noted the girls’ slightly scared expresion as Khushi lamented over her mehndi covered hands theatrically. She met his eyes worriedly when he came to stand behind Khushi who had suddenly frozen mid-sentence and she looked relieved when he gestured for her to leave them. Khushi on the other hand, still looked annoyed as he sat down next to her, ‘Hi..’




She looked up quickly and her pout turned into a slow smile and her eyes lit up as Arnav reached for her arms to have a look at the damage. The intricate designs covered her palms and ended in diagonal points at her wrists but Khushi seemed less bothered about that now.

‘Aap itni jaldi aagaye?!’ Her voice was full of happy surprise and Arnav nodded, ‘Haan, sab ko tumhare filmy gusse se bachana joh tha…’ He gave a short laugh at her outraged gasp and the pout returned as she gestured down to the hands he was still inspecting, ‘Aap hi kahiye – Arnav Singh Raizada – kitna lamba naam hai aur yahaan toh ‘A’ ka bhi jaga nahi hai!’

Khushi watched him as he looked down at her palms with a litte frown of concentration creasing his forehead and felt a rush of love for this man who was still sometimes a puzzle to her. She was disappointed about the mehndi but it didn’t really matter as she watched him with a smile; she was happier that he was here and that they were together.

‘Hmm, actually I think I can fix it…’ Khushi blinked as his words brought her out of her daydream, ‘Kya?!’ He nodded and she saw he wasn’t joking when he reached for the little cone of henna the girl had left behind.

‘Par aap kaise lagayenge?!’ She shook her head and held her hands away from him. ‘What’s the big deal Khushi?! It’s just like writing, haath do!’ Khushi raised a questioning eyebrow; she knew exactly what his writing was like… She looked at him as though he’d lost his mind but slowly brought her hands down and he took the left one carefully. There was no space free that she could see and she gave him another dubious look as he rolled his eyes and got to work.

Arnav smirked to himself, finding it funny that Khushi had screwed her eyes shut as though she was anticipating the worst imaginable torture. He ignored her hand completely and ran his fingers lightly over the skin of her wrist; the mehndi tapered off to a point but half her wrist was clear and he could feel her pulse begin to race under his fingertips as he ran his thumb over it. He felt her heart skip and smiled as he found the perfect spot to leave hiis mark.





‘Done…’ Khushi opened her eyes just as he looked up and as his eyes met hers something in them made her heart thud while he blew lightly on her wrist. His eyes darkened and she felt her lips part when he gave a slow smile and her mouth went dry. Something clattered to the floor somewhere in the distance and Khushi jumped and looked away, suddenly aware that although they were sitting away from everyone else, they were far from alone.

She felt her cheeks grow warm as she looked around and tried to pull her hand from his while avoiding his eyes; but he was shameless and held on tight, speaking in a low voice when she tried to stand up, ‘Wait Khushi, apna haath nahi dhekogi?’




Khushi had forgotten all about the mehndi by now but she paused mid-turn for a second and that was all the time he needed to pull her back down so that she was sitting comfortably with her back against him, his arm around her. ‘Arnavji..’

But he didn’t let her finish, ‘Shh, just look…’ he whispered in her ear and held up her hand in front of her. Her eyes widened in surprise and despite herself, she felt warmth flood through her as she saw the letters ‘LG’ scrawled neatly over the pulse point on her wrist. The skin around it was creamy white so that it contrasted brilliantly and seemed to jump out at her.

‘Laad Governor..!’ She spun round to face him, fully intending to tell him off for not writing a simple ‘A’ but she was met with wide eyes filled with mischief and the sweetest of smiles – all of which made her lose her train of thought abruptly. After a couple of seconds, she blinked and frowned again, ‘Aap hamesha aise karte hai!’

Arnav raised an eyebrow, ‘Kaise?!’ Khushi pointed at his still smirking face accusingly, as if he didn’t know, ‘Aise! Laad Governor aise muskurate hai kya?! Humari saari daat bhula di!’ Arnav couldn’t help but laugh at her crestfallen expression for not being able to scold him properly. Before he could say anything else, they heard a sound and looked up to find NK standing beside them. ‘Khushiji, aap ne mehndi lagayi, dikaye naa!’

Khushi’s face went pink and she moved away from Arnav pretending she hadn’t heard NK and Arnav smirked, ‘Haan Khushi, let’s see…’ She frowned at him and then held up her hands reluctantly to NK, ‘Wow that looks great… lekin yeh LG..?!’ Khushi went redder and glared at him again before muttering something under her breath but NK had already looked between the two and figured it out. ‘Good one Nannav! I – I mean, it’s nice Khushiji, uhh lagta hai mujhe Naaniji bhula rahi hai!’

Khushi stood up as NK made a fast exit and Arnav stood up too, stopping her from going anywhere by holding her by the elbow, ‘Tumhe sach main acchi nahi lagi?’ He waited, till he saw her eyes soften as she looked down at her wrist and then she looked back up at him with a smile; her eyes shining and her face still pink. ‘I knew it…’ Khushi laughed and shook her head, asking how he knew and Arnav took the moment to grab her by the waist and pull her close.




He touched her cheek lightly and her eyes closed with a shiver, ‘I knew, because tumhari dono gaal laal ho gayi…’ He tweaked her nose and Khushi blinked slowly, falling under the husky spell of his voice, ‘Aur naak bhi…’ He leaned in closer and Khushi reached up in anticipation but his lips had just brushed hers when she belatedly remembered where they were and mumbled something which she hoped was protest.

Arnav sighed and pulled away, ‘Fine…’ But before she could say anything else he pulled her into his arms, resting his head on her shoulder as he held her close. Khushi smiled and hugged him back as best she could with her mehndi covered hands. She felt completely content; her hunger totally forgotten and as she breathed him in she opened her eyes and saw a glimmer of silver shining through the window behind them. ‘Arnavji?’ She waited till she felt him say ‘Hmm?’

‘Aap ko pata hai, chaand nikal aaya..!’ Arnav smiled against her neck and held her tight, remembering the way her eyes had shone at seeing her silly nickname for him adorning her wrist. All he’d wanted was for her to smile and to him that was a more precious sight than anything. He sighed into her hair before pulling away slightly and looking down into her sparkling eyes he smiled again and shrugged, ‘I know – maine already dekh li…’





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